About the platform

What does Platform Armoede en Schulden Fryslân stand for?

  • To bring as much as possible to the attention of the problem of poverty and debt (and the associated effects)
  • Fighting (prejudices) about people in poverty
  • The close involvement of experienced experts in the management, activities, presentations and projects
  • Working on structural solutions to reduce the problems of poverty and debt
  • Suggesting solutions to remove problems and problems related to poverty and debt
  • Combining knowledge in the field of poverty and debt
  • Not taking the limitations of regulations and standards as a starting point, but the opportunities that exist for change and improvement
  • Fighting for changes, even if they are hampered by current laws and regulations

The PAS policy plan describes what PAS is going to do for the coming years. Click here.

Who are we?

  • A young foundation that was founded in December 2018 by enthusiastic people who are committed to improving the position of people in poverty
  • The board of the Platform Armoede en Schulden Fryslân foundation consists of the following people:
    Dick Faber – interim chairman
    Nienke Kuiper – secretary
    Laila van der Laan – treasurer
    Saida Youssef – general member
    Hans den Hertog – general member
    Renaline Jacoba – general member
  • Project staff:
    Iris Ridderstap
    Douwe Beimin
    Ayşe Wijmenga