• Digital storage of personal documents
    The ability to store personal documents in the PAS safe. Click here.
  • Poverty Lab NHL-Stenden
    Since September 2018, PAS has been working with NHL-Stenden to get more attention within the various programs for dealing with issues such as poverty, debt, low literacy and loneliness. Students and therefore future employees will soon end up in practical situations where they are confronted with issues such as poverty and debt. Students go into the neighborhood to do research and set up projects on poverty and debt.

    1. regularly provides classes and / or lectures for various departments within NHL-Stenden.
    2. is involved in formulating research assignments in the Huizum West district.
    3. Draws up assignments for minors and graduation assignments together with the study program / student.
    4. Is active in the substantive and organizational design of the Poverty Lab NHL-Stenden.
  • “Take Steps” Collaboration Project .
    Together with experienced experts, employees of the municipality of Leeuwarden and council members, constructive proposals are made to improve the position of people in poverty and debt. The intention is that these proposals are prepared by a working group after which the proposals are presented to a small conference. Then a number of those proposals go to the city council. The municipal council can take decisions independently on some points, on other points proposals will have to be pleaded with the politicians of The Hague.
  • Innovative projects.
    PAS would like to dedicate itself to innovative projects, discussions and developments. One of those experiments was the holding of an information market regarding regulations, allowances and cancellations in the Heechterp-Schieringen district on 18 January 2020. This was done in collaboration with the Heechterp-Schieringen district center and the municipality of Leeuwarden. It is being considered whether this initiative can be rolled out in this or another form over other neighborhoods or villages.
    PAS wants to take more initiatives and conduct experiments by showing courage and accepting challenges.
  • Project improve written communication with the help of experiential experts.
    People who make use of benefits, allowances, financial arrangements and filling in forms have said in conversations with PAS that they sometimes have a hard time reading and / or understanding letters and information. The way of treating was regularly mentioned as being offensive or stigmatizing.
    It was often mentioned that this is also the case with correspondence from the municipality of Leeuwarden. Discussions with the municipality of Leeuwarden on this theme led to the end of 2019 that employees of the municipality of Leeuwarden and experience experts / PAS discussed a number of documents. The comments and remarks made led to the documents being amended. Because PAS has again received comments on recent documents, the municipality of Leeuwarden is working on a structural basis for consultation with experienced experts.
    The intention is to have such conversations in 2020 with housing corporations, insurance companies, healthcare providers and others.
  • Project aimed at employers to address and deal with signs of poverty, debt and other personal problems early.
    During conversations with employers in the production sector, it turned out that people still don’t pay enough attention to signals from employees. Signals issued by employees but not recognized and picked up as such by the employer. It has been agreed with a number of employers that PAS will share its experiences with recognizing signals and coaching employees with problems. The intention is to use a number of these coaching programs as a pilot at a number of companies.
  • Work Conferences
  • Research and projects in the neighborhoods
  • Education and information