PAS offers a free digital file. If someone wants to apply for an allowance or qualify for remission, request an (additional) benefit, etc., documents are always requested. These documents are necessary to be able to assess whether or not someone is eligible.

Many people do not have the requested documents in order. Do not know where they are located or how to search them via the internet. To help people to some extent, we offer that those who would like to, get their own private digital safe on the PAS website. To gain access to this safe, everyone who logs in will receive a unique access code. With this access code, the safe opens and documents can be added or removed.

If someone with such a digital safe is involved in, for example, social affairs or taxes, then all information can easily be conjured up. To get such a unique code, you have to log in once and ask a few questions; then the access code is sent by mail.

Depending on the type of application that is made, one or more of the documents below must be submitted. This information comes from the website of the municipality of Leeuwarden.

At some points it sounds quite complicated and that is best. And of course you can also ask for help with searching and storing in the safe.

    • A valid ID, such as an ID card, passport or aliens document (but no driver’s license).
    • (Bank) statements of all your accounts and accounts for the period from date to date (screen prints are not accepted)
          • It concerns all your checking accounts, savings accounts, business accounts, credit card accounts, PayPal accounts, cryptocoin accounts, Mollie accounts, gambling accounts and other accounts and accounts that you have that have not yet been mentioned;
          • It also concerns bills and accounts of children under the age of 18 still living at your home;
            Has an account or account been closed recently? Then you must submit proof of this here;
          • Do you not receive any (bank) statements? Then you can print them via internet banking.
          • The following must appear on the bank statements:
            1. Your name;
            2. Your account number;
            3. The balance of the account at this time;
            4. The name and all other data associated with the debits and credits on the account and the amount debited or credited.
      • Evidence of asset data, such as the surrender value of your life insurance policy or other asset data.
      • Registration documents of all vehicles in your name.
      • An overview of all your debts and the amount of the debts at the moment. This can also be your mortgage.
      • Income data for the period from date to date.
        • Do you work? Then it concerns payslips;
        • Do you have a benefit? Then it is about income specifications;
        • Have you received gifts? Then it is a signed written statement stating who you received the donations from and what they are intended for
        • Did you borrow money? Then it is a written loan agreement. This document must be signed by all persons involved. This agreement must state what agreements have been made about the loan.
    • The letter from the UWV (Implementation Institute for Employees Insurance) / SVB (Sociale Verzekerings Bank) of the award or rejection of your name.
    • The letter from the DUO of the grant or rejection of student finance or WTOS.
    • Your divorce agreement and the parenting plan and, if this is not included here, proof of the determination of partner and child support.
    • Your rental contract or proof of payment of a fee.
    • The final / strike balance of your company and the balance sheet of last year.
    • This letter (you can show it at the counter of the Town Hall).

You can request your digital file using the form below: