Do you want as an experience expert with PAS collaborate?

The word experiential expert is often used nowadays. Society, the institutions, the municipalities increasingly want to use people’s experiences because they can better convey “the message”. It sometimes seems that it is becoming a kind of fashion to engage experience experts. At PAS Frl this is not the case because we are convinced of the necessity of the input of people with experience.

The basis of PAS consists of experiential experts. The subjects, activities and projects that we develop come from the people who deal with poverty and debt themselves. People with experience of poverty and debt can put their finger on the sore like no other. And come up with the best proposals to improve the lives of people in poverty.

PAS would like to get in touch with people who are currently experiencing poverty and debt or who have had experience with it in the past. People who want to help in one or more areas. We mention a few:

  • The personal story because you think that is important, just want to get rid of or want to share.
  • Indicate where things go wrong, what complaints are about, where there are abuses and how things can be improved.
  • Together with people from PAS to schools to provide lessons
  • Join us to tell your story during meetings, consultations, congresses and presentations.
  • Actively participate in assessing letters, leaflets, etc. for legibility of, for example, municipalities and other authorities.
  • Help develop proposals that contribute to improving living in poverty.
  • Commitment, for example, to debate with politicians about measures to improve the position of people in poverty.
  • Help PAS to show opinions and messages on social media.
  • Come up with ideas and proposals for new projects for PAS.

If you feel like doing something for PAS or if you want an appointment to talk about what you would or would not like, please contact us. That can be done by telephone / WhatsApp on the central number of PAS 06-57469601, via the form below or by mail