‘Wijs met Grijs’ is a project that will start in 2020 and is aimed at reaching seniors with hidden financial and social problems in the municipality of Leeuwarden, the municipality of Waadhoeke and the municipality of Harlingen. The aim of the project is to make the taboos discussable and to solve problems in the areas of, poverty, debts, low literacy and loneliness among seniors.

With the project Wijs met Grijs, theater will be used to initiate the discussion about shame / closedness around poverty, debts, low literacy and loneliness among seniors. The Platform Schulden en Armoede Fryslân Foundation and the theater makers want this theater production to touch both the thinking and the feeling, that the production gives recognition and generates compassion, so that openness is created in this way about these difficult to discuss and often misunderstood topics. Theater is a good medium for doing this (with humor and tact).

It is expected that from September 2020 until June 2021 the theater production will be presented to small groups of seniors in village / community centers, community centers and other places where seniors come together. Shows are given at 20 locations in two years time.

The intention is to look for solutions together with the seniors who indicate that they have problems. The deployment of voluntary buddies who visit these seniors at home for a longer period of time provides a follow-up to the commitment to a more positive life. People who feel encouraged to work as a buddy with the seniors can register by here .